Thursday, August 27, 2009

you came to my show, and i saw you in the crowd

i have such a strong desire to go to a show, somewhere tiny and intimate, to just stand there and feel myself getting sucked into an atmosphere that doesn't quite seem like the real world.
for me, nothing can quite compare to that feeling, when you are squashed amongst dozens of strangers, but you don't care, when you are aware that you are in the palm of the hand of the person that stands before you on the stage, but you love it.
when you are filled with adrenaline and excitement, and the euphoria seems to overpower any other emotion you may have.
what can possibly be better than that?


  1. Ahh that is so good, I loved when I saw metric because of that, it was a 200 venue with at least 300 in it, but right at the front to the point where she even held out hands, it was the best gig ever :)
    Oooh, but I think I may have prefered Brand New, I can't decide!
    thank you for commenting my blog :)

  2. To answer your question, there is nothing better than that. It's the best. Ever. I still remember being close enough to Caleb Followill for him to hand me his guitar pick. I wish I could write about that feeling the way you do here.

  3. You describe it PERFECTLY. Wish I had your way with words :) btw sorry I haven't been in touch, my laptop is still getting fixed! Hope you like Humbug, I sure do!

  4. I agree, there is really nothing better than being in a throng of strangers with that type of energy. I can almost over look the fact that there is a girls there who have forgotten to wear their deodorant. :)

    Patricia Ann