Saturday, August 22, 2009

we aint born typical

i know that practically everyone on blogspot posts about vv & hotel, but i had to share these photos because i think that they're brilliant.
(via fuckyeahvv @ tumblr)


  1. I love that song!! :)
    And love these picture :)
    Thank you for commenting my "dyageddit" post :) the funny thing was that we are both wearing Brand New band t-shirts sat in bed underneath our Brand New original painting haha! :)

  2. Amazing photos! That whole album is rather awesome. Love the playlist below too, how hypnotic is that new bloc party song?

    (PS I got the arctic monkeys album on saturday! Pre-ordered...)

  3. agreed, I love these have definitely not seen them before!

  4. I like how small everything is on here. The pictures looks so delicate.

    Ben and Jerry makes me happy. I've got Cherry Garcia at the moment. :)

    Patricia Ann

  5. Fabulous pictures. I'm glad you shared them!!

    I really do love my sister, and I'm very happy to share it with the world. I'm glad it touched someone ^.^

    Your blog is so pretty!! x